What are the advantages of working with a temporary staffing agency?Working with a temp staffing agency can make your job search easier. The agency’s recruiters will do all of the legwork, like finding you jobs and contacting hiring managers. They’ll offer you resume and interview tips. They’ll give you access…
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3 reasons to employ contract employee

3 Reasons Why Your Company Should Hire Contract Employees

In recent times, the number of employers looking to hire temporary and contract employees has increased dramatically. In fact, nearly 90% of organisations across all major sectors plan to add contract positions to their future workforce structure, and nearly 40% have already done so. Here are some reasons why you…
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Recruiting newsletter

As the quarantine seems to be at effect – recruiters seem to be overburdened with Candidate Calls When the corona epidemic hit the world economy and tore off its wheels and damaged even the Stephanie – or stock market. All industries expected a doomsday not far away from their capital…
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