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How Contract To Hire Is Going To Empower Your Business Goals

As more organizations adopt new employment practices, such as hiring more remote employees and freelancers, contract to hire positions are becoming more prevalent in all the major sectors.

What does Contract to hire mean?

In contract to hire employment, a staffing agency and an employer agree on a fixed period of time for employment. At the end of the predetermined period, the employer decides to hire the contractor as a permanent employee.

Difference between C2H and temporary workers

A temporary employment is an employment that lasts a year or less, with a specific expiration date. While contract workers are also hired for a specific period of time, But there is a permanent need that the company wishes to meet. Therefore, if employee fits well, the company has every intention of offering the contract worker a permanent position once the contract period ends. Learn more about temporary staffing here

Benefits of Contract to hire 

1. Opportunity to assess

The biggest benefit of using a contract to hire employees is the ability to see how they perform in their role before making a significant investment. The contract allows the employer to assess an employee’s hard skills, social skills, and cultural adjustment within the company before offering a full-time position. Similarly, the employee has the opportunity to experience the company and decide whether the organization fits well before committing to the long term.

2. An accelerated interview process

The hiring process can be incredibly slow and tedious, and human resources departments are often so busy with other tasks that devoting extensive resources to make strategic hires can be difficult. This is why more employers turn to staff agencies to help them locate contracted employees by eliminating many stages of the hiring process. The staff agency will take care of all the laborious work of finding and examining a contracted candidate.

3. Budget flexibility

When working on a restricted budget, contract to hire positions can offer advantage. An important benefit of a contract to hire position is that they can give companies the time they need to incorporate a new full-time employee into the budget and at the same time get the job done. Employees in C2H generally do not receive benefits and will not be eligible for a health care plan until they become full-time employees at the end of the contract. In addition, contract employees are generally only paid for specific hours they work instead of receiving a fixed salary.

Why partner with staffing agency for C2H services

Partnering with any recruitment agency that is not passionate and dedicated to your needs means you may need to turn to multiple contractors before finding the best option. To see success with C2H, it’s important that you work with recruiters who have taken the time to understand your company and culture, so that they can find you candidates who have the greatest potential to full-fill your long-term staffing goals.

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