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As the quarantine seems to be at effect – recruiters seem to be overburdened with Candidate Calls

When the corona epidemic hit the world economy and tore off its wheels and damaged even the Stephanie – or stock market. All industries expected a doomsday not far away from their capital – But the dark clouds seems to have really brought some good rain for the Outsourcing sector. The outsourcing sector and the recruiters who are working from home – still at it, at shortlisting and calling candidates – seem to report to have found an abundance of candidates who are all available to take calls – as they are practically at house arrests.

Sonia, a senior IT Recruiter confirms, “i have never seen such an upscale in candidates receiving calls and interactions for a closure”. although Keshav disagrees by stating “its true that the total number of calls received have gone up, but so have the strolling viz All candidates and companies are delaying onboarding, due to the fear of the pandemic”.

Though the opinions are sandwiched in good and bad to succumb together, the world is on a melt down because of the pandemic. to the reader – kindly stay safe and take the 5 precautions.


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